What We Do

We introduce this platform to attract the diaspora, million of Haitian living abroad in addition to those at home, to join forces as a unified people, work together creatively, draw a blue-print, frame the Future of our nation into a progressive democratic peaceful nation.

Integrating the whole nation, unified as one including the diaspora to change the future of Haiti into the country we all dream of and desire, a developed peaceful democratic nation with equal opportunity for all respectively.

This is to address the call of advocates and supporters of unity which continues to evaded us.

It’s an opportunity to join our collective strengths, put the believes In unity to the test, exhibit constructive positive results under the powerful umbrella of a unified people standing up against poverty, injustice unemployment, corruption, instability and insecurity, failed education, lack of healthcare and a failed democratic system.

We welcome the voice, support, contribution Experience and professionalism of any and all living Haitians, From anywhere on planet earth.

Until there is a patent on “knowledge” limiting access to it, we will seek it, use it indiscriminately to challenge and  democratically advance the interests of the majority in Haiti.

We have committed ourselves going forward To play a vital role in Haiti central, local governments, private sectors and to each and every member, participant of this project to fulfill our duties as concerned citizens and members of this project.

We are also committed to build promote, and protect our nation. We expect to change the future to reflect our collective alliance, desire, and efforts, bring relief and better days to the majority. The support of any and every one who can identify with this project is warranted and welcome.