Mario T. Maurice

Founder, Chairman Of The Board

Ramses Delva

 Board Of Trustee Co-Chair

Francois Barthelemy

Project Engineer

Natalie Tancrede

Board Of Trustee Co-Chair

The Haitian Diaspora United project is founded by Mario T. Maurice, chairman of the board, our board of trustee co-chair Ramses Delva, and Natalie Tancrede, our project engineer Francois Barthelemy, and our management staff.

Our board of trustees is our governing body, made of individuals of various background. Their responsibility include fiduciary, integrity, focus leadership, and intellectual independence.

Transparency will guide our annual report highlighting the year production and a list of generous donors.

With the Haitian Diaspora United project we can all make a difference with all concerned citizens, and collaborators partnering to tackle together Haiti’s many challenges.

You can join us, become a member, a supporter, a contributor, a collaborator a leader, regardless of your location in the world. We have links to the most popular social media platforms. Our success depend on our ability to unite on behalf of the nation most noble cause.

The success of this project is incumbent on members support, our capacity to unite, join forces work together in the pursuit of Haiti’s national interests.

To Address Or Submit A Challenge Or Any Inquiry Contact Info@haitiandiasporaunited.com